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Who does what?

Susanne Arning
Susanne Arning joined our team in the summer of 2023. As a trained office administrator, she has worked for many years in various positions in the public sector or as a financial employee in a tax office. Now she supports the FFK with her know-how in many ways.

Camila Belleza 157 39375483
Camila Belleza comes from Peru and has been with the Silent Film Festival since 2022. She studied her bachelor's degree in musicology/art history in Bonn. She is currently studying for a master's degree in musicology and prefers to focus on sound research.

Judith Nordbrock

Music production
Judith Nordbrock was born in Bonn and regularly attended the Silent Film Festival as a schoolgirl. A sound engineer and musician by training, she heads the sound studios at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, where she specializes in film sound post-production. Experienced in technical as well as musical matters, she is responsible for the production of the music recordings for the streamings at the Stummfilmtage.

Eva Hielscher & Oliver Hanley

artistic directors
Eva Hielscher and Oliver Hanley have been working in research, archiving and curatorial mediation of audiovisual cultural heritage at home and abroad since 2008. Their different but complementary experiences span a diverse spectrum, ranging from film restoration and the publication of DVD or online editions to curating film-related exhibitions and film series for museums, cinemas and international film festivals.

Bernhard Gugsch

Copy Logistics & Screening
Since 1995, the graduate biologist has been responsible for projection technology and copy logistics at the festival and its cooperation partner Bonner Kinemathek. As a projectionist, he works with 35mm/70mm/16mm films as well as 2-band projection and Super8, analogue 3-D anaglyph and polarised filter system. In addition to various analogue mobile projection systems he also supervises all digital formats and supports various independent film initiatives with his work.

Peter Sprenger

Projection technology
The trained radio electronics technician has been working as a projectionist, cinema technician, technical rental agent and exhibition technician since 1987. He is in demand in these functions from Vienna, Rotterdam, Oberhausen, Doha to Transylvania, among others. He has supported the festival with his work and technical equipment since 2004.

Philipp Wiechert

The trained event manager for sound and light has been working for the Bonn Summer Cinema since 1991 and is responsible for sound, light as well as the screen setup during the festival. He works as a sound/light master in various multi-sector houses in Bonn, Oldenburg, Bremen, Munich, Mainz, currently in Cologne and as a freelance lighting designer.

Christopher Mondt

Projection technology
Christopher Mondt has been in charge of film festivals in Germany and Europe for many years. He specialises in analogue cinema technology, silent film concerts and work for archive cinemas. He studied visual communication in Hamburg.

Andrea Kirchhartz

Translation & Intertitles 40 / 41 62 29 46
Andrea Kirchhartz already worked for the Silent Film Festival during her film studies: it all started in 1990 with an internship. Until 1998, she was a permanent employee at the Förderverein Filmkultur Bonn. Today she is a film translator (for subtitles, voice-over and dubbing) and interpreter. At the Silent Film Festival, she is responsible for translating and projecting the intertitles. She is a founding member of the Association of German Film Translators AVÜ e.V. (

Bärbel Lotter

Personnel & Finances
Already during her studies in art history, she founded and organised various feminist projects. Her first activity at the Brotfabrik was the Women's Culture Days with a women's film series in 1988. In 1998 she took over the responsibilities for finances and personnel at the BK and the FFK including programme cinema applications, acquisition of third-party funding, application development, database use, project planning, structuring of administrative processes.

Dela Faber

Press Contact
Dela Faber has been active at the Silent Film Festival in Bonn since 2022. She has previously worked in various art and cultural institutions in the fields of press and public relations as well as internationally oriented event organisation. She studied feminist film analysis during her bachelor's degree in English in Freiburg and is currently studying for a master's degree in comparative literature and cultural studies.

Elisabeth Lewerenz

Social Media & audience communication
Elisabeth Lewerenz studied English and Media Studies in Bonn for her Bachelor's degree and Film Studies at the University of Edinburgh for her Master's degree. Professionally, she has already worked as an editor for theatre texts, online editor and currently as marketing coordinator with a focus on social media. She is also a self-employed playwright and translator.

Xenia Zoller

Festival Communication
Xenia Zoller studied Comparative Literature in Bonn. For more than seven years, she realized a variety of event and marketing management projects, primarily for internationally oriented companies. Since 2021, she focuses more on the cultural scene and her passion for theater, film, literature and art. She is driven by the desire to make culture accessible to all, as well as her joy in bringing people together and creating enthusiasm.

Lisa van den Boom

Festival assistent & Programme coordination 49 157 39375482
The cultural scientist with a focus on music and auditive culture has already worked in the children's and youth program of the Nordic Film Days Lübeck. She has also years of experience as musician. In her current master's program, she is studying feminist film history, among other topics.

Sigrid Limprecht

Managing Director & Head of Project
Sigrid Limprecht, director of the Silent Film Festival Bonn, managing director of the FFK and the BK, commission member of the FFA - Film Heritage, lecturer in German Studies Film Practice, jury member Production Funding of the Film and Media Foundation NRW, co-founder of the film distributor RAPID EYE MOVIES and the distribution hub Berlinale talents. Her passion is film music, the strategic initiation of national / international projects and the development of a diverse corporate culture.
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